Saturday, April 01, 2006


So...I was involved with some of the envisioning for a big series of parties in Miami Beach for our project. Okay...i must confess, it was a bit of fun. Maybe because I felt a little like a celebrity...knowing so many people, kissing them on the cheek (but then again alcohol makes everyone your friend despite me not imbibing given my training schedule). Well, there was lots of stretched skin, botoxed brows, clevage, martinis and...I guess I must friends. Here is a scene from the party (people, music, graphic projections, etc).

Oh...and night two had Zac Posen hosting (some hip fashion designer the crowds were goo goo for - yet I was Zac who?) and a few mediocre celebs like Boris Becker and other Miami hot things I didn't know.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

It Only Takes One.

Iris introduced me to Johnny Turchin last night. Wow, what an interesting dude. This guy is certainly a celebrity in Miami with his $22 Million Dollar house and his infamous parties. Well, that's not really the story...except that Iris and I went to dinner with Johnny, his wife and sweet daughter at Shojis in Miami Beach. When we walked out, Iris offered to drive me to my hotel. Well, we walked out and Iris could NOT find her car. I'm thinking typical 305 chick. Well, we search, and search and roamed the streets of Miami Beach. I snapped the picture shown here. Well, there were no towing signs around...but I told her to call the police to get the towing numbers to just check and see. She said, tabs are expired, they don't tow for that. I said its not likely. Calling...

"Hello...did you pick up a black Mercedes SUV?"
"You did!"
"It wasn't parked Illegally..."
"Parking Tickets!"
"So you are telling me I can't get my car tonight?"


Iris then says..."They towed my car because of outstanding parking tickets." I then ask, "You didn't know you had parking tickets? (thinking maybe they blew off the car when the cop left them)." "Yeah..." she says..."but I didn't think I had that many!"

Laughing incessantly (as I often do with my dear friend Iris), I said to dear Iris..."It only takes one, It only takes one." Her response (one of amazement and bewilderment) you're kidding. The evening cost Iris over $1,000 dollars including the $275 tow charge. Ouch!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rain is not the same

Miami gets WAY more rain that Seattle!
Oh...and drops are SO much bigger.
Point can't do ANYTHING when it rains in Miami;
You can do EVERYTHING when it rains (mists) in Seattle.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stayin' at Setai

So I stayed at the Setai hotel last night. $400 for the room, $380 for the massage...and I was feeling like a queen. Actually I was feeling robbed! Well, the massage at 10:30pm was wonderful, just before I crawled into bed. Here are some pictures from the room:
Then waking up in the morning...never really sure what time it is because how often I travel through, across, over and in between time zones...I looked at my clock and it read 6am. I, I have a chance to work out. I went downstairs, through the lobby of the hotel and walked outside - where 4 bell boys issued a warm "good evening" to me. I said..."good morning." Just at that moment, I noticed a very tall black woman with short dress, almost could be called a shirt, and the highest of heels passing by. She was doing the walk of shame at 6am (or was it 3am). Just at the moment when I was stretching my legs before my early AM jog, a van came to a screetching halt...where the door slide open and three young men with plastic cups were woooooing this woman. She ignored them. Now, in plain sight...these gentlemen put the car in reverse and started going backwards to track the woman. Just then an unmarked police car stopped them in their tracks.

Just a typical morning in South Beach on Collins Avenue.
Oh...and as I was running on Lincoln Road...I noticed the historic time piece on the clock tower read...6:20am.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Past Tense

I told a friend I moved this week;
from the east to the west.
Yes, not a moment too soon as another hurricane rolled into South Florida this past week. Well, I kicked up my heels and laid down in my new soft bed (with really cool pillows - yes David the same ones!). So this weekend I...

rode my bike in the cool morning sun light.
ate sushi at my favorite restaurant on Queen Anne (Ototo).
met up with my buddy Robert at the BAC (gym) and we laughed about silly stuff.
had dinner with Ilan and Jody in Kirkland (they made awesome tapas).
sat on my porch and read the Tao of Pooh (thanks Rick).
walked to Whole Foods, got a salad and ate it (with Suze).
gave some cash to Lawrence (homeless guy who mows my lawn)
fixed Lawrence pancakes.

Yes, its good to be least for a little while as I'll travel to Tucson tomorrow (my other home). It's still warm there...I think it hit 104 today (but its a dry heat)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Deal Breakers

As I rode my bike to Key Biscayne this morning...I thought about all the men I've met in Miami; the curious bunch. In meeting Miami guys, I have discovered immediate deal breakers. Top ten are as follows (no particular order - and I kid you not, these are for real):

1. He is taking up Kung Fu for anger management;
2. He sees generocity as sharing the remote during commercials;
3. He thinks flashing your breasts at VIP lounges is normal for access;
4. He likes Miami because of the scenery (women);
5. He goes for quanity over quality every time;
6. He hates "gold diggin'" women - yet wants to spoiled a women;
7. He wears a lot (I mean a lot) of jewlrey;
8. He talks with the tongue frequently scanning or touching his lips;
9. He can't complete sentences or ends them with "how ya doin'!"
10. He has more hair on his back than his head.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Living Alone

A significant bummer if you live alone is that if/when you decide to go for a walk on the beach during mid-day, and you self apply 45 SPF complete with UVA and UVB protection to your back..., you ALWAYS miss spots. OUCH! I kinda missed a big spot...and I'm suffering this evening.

I'm reminded...

I realized this weekend that I have a loyal following of my blog site.
I forgot that some really wonderful people I work with here in the sunshine state are some of these loyalist. So let me qualify my departure (because I'm eating a little crow right now).

I have met some real gems in Miami. Its almost as if they don't belong here; They are honest, decent, loving people who have helped me keep my sanity. Yes, I haven't talked much of them in this blog...but I will miss seeing them each day; and they have taught me much.

Also, a little memorial to the sales staff who worked so hard on the project AND mysteriously, quickly, swiftly were removed (I'm sure there is a story there). Well, okay two of them were removed...but as of today, all 4 of them are gone! My memorial follows:

May they rest in peace or in piece...whatever! They are as follows: In loving memory...#1) I have a BIG sexy picture of myself on my desk AMY, #2) I'm a regular Botox'er Lisa, #3) I only date hockey players and baseball team owners IRIS, and finally #4) I only date those iris wont PAUL.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Last Weekend

I approach my last weekend of "officially" living in Miami.
I could say its bittersweet, but it is just sweet.
I could say a lot of things...but I'm just thanking GOD!


Just about every day I'm driving around South Beach, some guy comes gliding up along side of me in some red or bright yellow spendy automobile that if purchased would set you back six figures and often times $250K like the newer Ferraris. You can see them approaching from a mile away. Well, as soon as they pull up to the line just to your left they continue gazing over at your car...waiting, wanting, wishing you'd see them in their fine machine; they sit...impatiently...waiting, wishing, so wanting you to see it was them driving that car. It's at this moment I turn away and offer my gaze to the right where there is a 1982 Toyota Tercel driven by a couple of Cubanos on their way to work. Smiling, they smile back...light turns green...I'm out of the block...and off to the next signal where I'm sure another bling, bling vehicle awaits per chance, my glance.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


So I went on a little shopping spree today - say $$. Nothing what a common housewife in Miami would do in a day - say $$$$$$. However, I did purchased clothing - lots of it. Well, not any clothing, but outdoor specific women clothing. The kind of stuff that fits and provides for comfort in every aspect of life; not the stuff that lifts you or point body parts or needs to be pulled down with every step. This shit fits.

I realized I was starved for the stuff because Miami does not know brands such as:

  • Patgonia (Patagucci - as those of us loyalist term this clothier for its expense);
  • Sierra Designs
  • North Face
  • Isis

We (Seattle) also have some pretty ugly looking shoes here, but damn are they functional!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Montreal vs. Miami

I've been in Montreal since Monday. The trip is a business trip, and its been a trip...a nice one to give more perspective on Miami and life in general.

In Montreal, they speak French; In Miami,...well Spanglish;

Montreal, they use the Canadian dollar for currency; Miami, one uses any currency available (cash, gold, food, certain acts - you get the picture);

Montreal, restaurant staff is welcoming and cordial; Miami, is there wait staff? (certainly you pay for them - 15-18% tip is automatically added to every bill);

In Montreal, I'm loved as they say "ah....peeeeeecarhhhhhh," (as Picard is a loved French name and it took me a while before I knew they were talking to me);
In Miami, I'm a dot on the highway actually a small one as you must show skin, clevage, and walk with a manufactured bounce and swag to further attract any wandering eyes.

So I depart late this afternoon to Tucson via Chicago; logging the miles.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Hurricane Parties

Having dinner with a Miami acquantance this past Sunday I learned about Hurricane Parties.
These are big events that happen in the South Florida party scene. Basically the parties happen when there is at least a Cat 4 or 5 cane headed your way. Given the new building codes since Hurricane Andrew, all new residential towers must have glass that holds a 160 mph rating - and if you are so fortunate to own or rent such a space that is above the swell or surf surge line (say 17 feet above tide, or above the 4th floor) you have a great party venue.

Now...when all the authorities give an evacuation order, this is the sign to call the party! Folks gather in your venue bringing the highest proof beverage from those liquor stores staying open until the flood water's approach (its probably the highest revenue season). Now in more recent times the authorities have tried to cut down on the insanity by shutting down power and forcing evacuations. This has done nothing but make the parties bigger.

There is something very, very wrong here.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Flattery Gets You Everywhere...

I've discovered the greatest compliment one can give to another when meeting someone for the first time in Miami...

"Hey, where are YOU from?"

Which is to are not from around here. I often get this very question when I'm nice to a sales person, hold the door for another, be the last to enter the elevator, wait my turn in line, smile, OR walk with sheer joy and bliss in my step. Its fun to mess with these people (new yorkers with a tan)!

Skin Deep

Okay...I'm going to make a gross generalization here...but people who are objective about their surroundings will understand my statements to follow.

Miami culture is founded on the endless pursuit of wealth and beauty; Its a vicious circle really, running in fear of losing either one or both. Women seek youthful appearance to secure those guys that are the most fiscally fit. Why do the women need cash? Well, keeping an youthful appearance is not inexpensive. Here are common (everyday) procedures that are done and their average prices:

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) $5000-6500

Blue Peel $500-700

Botox $200-400 per area (repeat 6 mos)

Breast Augmentation (saline) $5000-6500

Breast Augmentation(silicone) $6000-8000

Breast Lift $5000-6000

Chin or Cheek Implants $3000-4500

Collagen Injection $500-1500

Deep Chemical Peel $3500-5000

Dermabrasion $2000-4000

Eyelid Tuck (upper & lower) $4000-5500

Face Lift $7000-9000

Forehead Lift (Brow Lift) $3500-5000

Hair Removal (Laser) $300-800

Laser (Erbium) $2500-4000

Laser (CO2) $4000-5000

Lip Augmentation $600-2000

Liposuction (1 area) $2500-4500

Liposuction (3 areas) $5500-7000

Liposuction (5 areas) $8000-10,000

Medium Peel $1500-2500

Micro Peel $60-100

Nose Surgery $5000-6000

Pectoral Implants $6000-7000

Permanent Eyeliner $300-1000

Permanent Lip Liner $300-1000

Spider Vein Rx (Laser) $400-1000

Spider Vein Rx (Sclero) $200-500

Tattoo Removal (Laser) $300-800

Tummy Tuck $6000-8000

Men know they need a beautiful woman for community status and personal ego, so they need to communicate they have cash. Guys communicate this by driving more car then they can afford, buying expensive gifts, etc. So needless to day if you are losing wealth and you are losing youth (which are inevitable) are nothing here in Miami. The depth of the culture is skin deep...and empty beyond the surface.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Soul Food, Food for the Soul

I love...
  • Smoothie after a hot and humid miami bike ride;
  • Fresh herbs in a salad with goat cheese in the early evening;
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds atop fresh blackened salmon, in great company;
  • Dry aged filet, medium rare w/ a velvet red wine after a hard hike;
  • Oven baked sweet potato - sugars oozing out the garnet red skin - anytime;
  • Pink lady apples in November;
  • Green's+ food bar on a 6 hour plane ride (make it three of them);
  • Seared black cod with a sweet miso glaze on a summer eve
  • Braised rapini kissed with dark olive oil, dashed with salt crystals; AND
  • Dark chocolate (70% cocoa) nibbled with a crisp pear to close an evening.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another Day In Miami

Today was just another day in Miami. Actually, this must have been the first time I have ever experienced a professional attorney's office quite like the one I ventured into today. I suspect an office on Washington Blvd (in the heart of SOBE) should have been my first clue. I entered the office where a seemingly attractive woman (and well endowed - amazingly like every chick in Miami Beach) sits behind a desk offering me assistance. I said "I'm here to see Kent, I have a 3pm appointment." She says..."oooh, he's not here." She proceeds to call him...where there is so much background noise and he tells me to go ahead and relax in his office...lay on the couch he tells me, take a nap...

I should have. But I got on my computer...then a gentleman by the name of Paul walks in. Paul was tatooed from head to toe. He had a tat on his knuckles that read "HATE". He seemed a little amped up and promptly asked for Kent. The busty woman behind the desk was now managing this rather unique client and myself. Paul was restless and begin talking about jail time, jail bait and the sort. The woman managed to escort Paul to another office (feeling a little embarassed). As my cell phone rang and I responded to the call...Kent arrived and plopped himself in front of me. It was about this time that he called "shee-ba, shee-ba." Then, from the shadows of the room, an odd cat, no...a lynx slithers across the floor, jumps up on the table between Kent and I, and begins rubbing the side of its face against Kent's as Kent kisses the animal on its every pass. Hmmmm. this was a rather intimate moment and I felt a little uncomfortable being in the room.

Well it doesn't end there. Shee-ba set laid herself on the table between the two of us. Kent told me not to show teeth (i.e. smile) because that would threaten her. Well...about half way through our conversation regarding some litigation matters...the Shee-ba (who was facing Kent) turned her neck around at me and gave the biggest HISSSSSSS I've ever heard (except for maybe those tigers on National Geographic Channel). Kent told me Shee-ba was jealous. Well, I walked out of that office...thinking...just another day in Miami.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I love my shuffle. This little device seems most used while I cycle in the morning. My top ten songs I'm grooving to as of yesterday are:

1. Situations - Jack Johnson
2. Till Kingdom Come - Cold Play
3. Lack of Water - The Why Store
4. Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2
5. Peace Train - Cat Stevens
6. Indescribable - Chris Tomlin
7. American Baby - Dave Mathews
8. His Latest Flame - Mary Lou Lord
9. Not Even Close - Tim Finn
10. Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads

Riding around Lake Washington - Seattle, WA - 7/30/05 - 6am


Matt is one of my dearest and most important friends in the world. We were in the trenches together at MIT (the rough years for both of us). He is a type A, investment banker, son of two Jewish doctors that married a Harvard Divinity School grad, Unitarian Minister, farmer's son from Seattle. The two of them adopted this sweet little african american baby rescued from a drug abusing mother. They are certainly not your typical family but they have some of the most amazing and rock solid family values I have seen from any family unit.

We all had breakfast near Pikes Place Market in Seattle this past Sunday. Being with them brought me great joy...especially when Cory laughed everytime you pulled out the camera to take his picture; pure joy.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Fly Fishing

There is something really cool about fly fishing. Something that teaches me much about life. Until you've experienced it you will not know to what I refer. My entire fasination with fly fishing is that it is part art, part science, part sport. The art come from the beauty in tying your own flies and the movement of the "cast" from the swing of the fisherperson. The science comes from the pure fact that you are attempting to fool nature into thinking that tied strands on a barbless hook actually look like (and act like) the very bug or insect that may be surfacing on the water based on the temperature, cloud cover and air movement (because it does change). The sport side of fishing comes from the mastery of the cast and providing perfect placement of your faux insect where fish maybe scanning for food (and there are so many differnet styles that can take a lifetime to master).

Catch and release is a must, because once you've caught...then released...that fish is so much more smarter and harder to catch the next time. I think that by the time my kids will be damn near impossible to catch anything because all the dumb ones will have been eaten and the smart ones will remain in the waters to fustrate future generations.

Image is from my Alaska Trip - Tangle Lakes 6/2005

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I live at Greenlake.
Its a wonderful little spot in the north part of Seattle.
Just 30 paces down my street I hit the edge of the park.
This park is probably the best place for people watching in Seattle.
Its a beautiful area.

On the north end is the "Frog Pond." Every day this shallow concrete pool is filled with water; providing a venue of endless play for those with short legs. My favorite time is about 1 hour before dusk, when the pond starts to empty. As the last drops of water slowly decline - every kid trys to suck the marrow out of the day by frolicking in what remains.

Seattle Sushi

Confession, I love sushi. I love clean, fresh wonderful food. Last year I donated a sushi party to Young Life to raise money for its efforts locally in Seattle. Guy purchased my sushi party for 6, but it just turned out to be the two of us...practicing our maki skills. Guy, a sushi novice wanted to learn the trade. I taught myself the skill while at MIT several years back (wow time flies) - largely because my best buddy Matt and I had a love for the cusine and I had no money to be able to endulge in the fine vinegar seasoned sticky rice with raw fish stuck on top. Yum right?

Well, one thing is for sure...I like to express some creativity in food rather than purely sticking to the traditional style. I'm a foodie pure and simple. Yet, I like my food clean, creative and full of fresh flavors (largely fresh herbs and spices). sushi takes on a bit of this flare. Fun!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Highway of Bliss

This is catalina highway in Tucson, Arizona. It is my home away from home. The gem of the catalna mountain (shown in the background) is mount lemmon (yes with two m's). This beauty rises to nearly 8500 feet above the desert floor (which is at 2800 feet near my house - about 1/4 mile on the left of photo). The road is paved 22 miles to a little ski resort a top. where I get into the saddle and ride through seven (7) different vegetation zones from saguaro cacti to pines and sheer bliss. It was too much to take...I had to do it three times this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Aggro Friends

These are my friends Deb and Arch. They are two of the most amazing people I know and my best friends in Tucson. He is in his 50's, she in her 40's and parents of two amazing kids (a 7 year old and the other 4). I went rock climbing with them this weekend. Arch had already been at the gym for 3 hours (with Eva and Ruby) when Deb and I showed up - we did a couple more hours of climbing before the kids literally collapsed. Deb is also my best matched cycling partner. We have this great way of riding that is both encouraging and highly competitive; knowing when to push the other and when to be pushed. Deb is a hiking guide at Canyon Ranch (3 days a week), runs a natural soap business, mother of two...gets up at 3:30am each morning to do yoga before heading out...and always takes in a swim after work. They don't own a Television and their children are often disgusted when forced to eat unnatural foods or when placed in front of a television and expected to be entertained. Pretty cool people. Oh...and they are gracious hosts and amazing cooks.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Big Birthday Bash

This is Gwen. I had the great joy of celebrating her 4th birthday at a big party in Conneticut (along with her twelve other closest friends - who were much closer to Gwen in height). This was an unexpected trip from my escape from south Florida and the hurricane that crossed into the Gulf.

The big birthday was a day Gwen had waited for with great anticipation, AND it was held at the big petting farm in Simsbury, CT (just outside of Hartford - 2.5 hours northeast of New York). Not only did we all get to pet goats, pigs, horses, ponys, rabbits, etc...but there were pony rides too. All of this reached the huge climax of pizza, a kosher sheet cake (lots of jewish people in this town) completely decorated with Barney (which could have only been surpassed by Care Bares) AND the big finally of parting gifts for all the party goers (at this tender age its important to make it feel like everyones birthday). Shocking that all this fun happened in under 2 hours. One thing is for we get older, the parties get more expensive and seem to last longer. When Gwen opened her eyes the very next morning, the very first words she uttered were..."Mom, when I turn five...I want a birthday party JUST LIKE YESTERDAY." Me too Gwen, me too! At the conclusion of Gwen party...I tied the remaining ballons around Gwen and said that she would fly away like Winnie the Pooh...she liked that a lot.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Dennis - CAT 4 (135mph)

I've been watching the noaa website like a hawk. This is the closest I have been to a real CAT 4, wicked Hurricane; closest I ever want to be. I'm going to try and get a flight out of town tonight...the 8pm flight out of MIA puts the Hurricane center just off the tip of Key West. Reports show by that time the MIA airport will be under 30-40 mph winds. Flight will likely be cancelled...hopefully my plane will arrive into MIA and be permitted to depart. If not, I roll down the hurricane shutters and hope this thing doesn't come any more into the areas that are marked with BLUE. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Alaskan Mountain Biking

My first mountain bike trip in Alaska (my first trip to Alaska period)! Wow. 22 hours of daylight, where the sun just circles the okay by me (except when you want to sleep). The goal of this trip? Mountain bike the entire Denali Highway (all 135 miles of it) and arrive in Cantwell in one piece with as few incidents with the grizzly and moose population. SUCCESS!

See the link below for more pictures:
Denali Highway Travelog

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dog Days

This weekend I was in Tucson. I decided to bike up Mount Lemmon starting at my house (2800 feet) and riding the 25 miles to the top (8200 feet). About 1 mile from the summit, a black Honda CRV passed me, honking with the cute dog hanging out the window. It was my sister, Leslie - who had driven from Phoenix in the early morning to join me atop the mountain for breakfast. We had a great breakfast at 8200 feet where the temperature was 67 degrees. After breakfast we drove down going from 70 degrees to 103 degrees in just 30 minutes. Needless to say KD (the cute border collie) had to pull her head inside as we rolled up the windows.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New York: art for art

I went to the Guggenheim museum in New York city this past weekend. I spent time with probably the four best people in the world (my friends). I love seeing this work of Frank Loyd Wright as it is probably the best design art museum I've visited (and I've been to many all of the world). What I like about this museum is that it is a piece of art itself, yet it doesn't take away...but amplify the art within.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Twins Diving

This weekend my twin sister came into town. She has ALWAYS had the dream to go scuba diving for a long time; so heck...I sent her a plane ticket to Miami, signed her up for the Open Water Certification class with South Beach divers and this weekend she became a PADI certified diver! Here she is eating up the conclusion of her first two dives...while her dive buddy next to her just did his own private fish feeding tour (a tad sea sick after those 3-4 foot swells). It was a good weekend. I did a little recreational diving with them...taking pictures of the adventure. I love my sissy.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Cozumel Dive Master

This is my Cozumel dive master (snoozing on the bow of the boat). The night before saw a little too much Tequilla, but when the "pool was open" he was ready to go and was an awesome dive master. I think what was most amazing is that "Le Tigre", pictured here in orange pants (and our boat captain)...transformed into some male strip outfit when we surfaced up...with just a acqua colored g-string bathing suit and pooka shells made from some barracuda he speared some time ago. It was a little shocking to me at first...but then everyone on the boat rolled with it.

Cozumel Diving

Diving in Cozumel is the most amazing experience. Its all drift diving; where a flip backwards off a boat and drift with the currents for 45-50 minutes 50-70 feet below. Its also like diving in the biggest swimming pool you ever did you can see 200 feet in front of you and down the walls of the reef extending below. Magical.

Cozumel Sunsets

The sunsets of Cozumel in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Yes, Island culture is fabulous.

Cozumel Bliss

Here is an image from day two of diving just before we dove the Santa Rosa wall. WOW!

This day of diving was heavenly; This was as close to GOD and serenity I have ever experienced. Let me describe the experience - For the first time in my life have I ever felt so safe, so carefree, so at peace that if I died...I felt so okay with the comforted...because the feeling of flying in complete solitude (except when I took a breath from my regulator) was sheer bliss and I wanted it forever. This experience lasted for nearly 50 minutes as we difted with the current sweeping us along the second longest reef in the world; this was my first experience of drift diving. I'm now addicted.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Bling Bling!

This Sunday I was introduced to EXTREME wealth. Wow. A bed tycoon showed me his collection of 12-15 super, super high end vehicles. This vehicle (Rolls Royce) was like an aiplane (G4 private jet) on wheels. I don't know the price of this vehicle, but it has to be over 1/2 million given this guy doesn't purchase any vehicle that has under 400 hp. What a ride. But this ride does not compare to the formula 1 car...FERRARI ENZO!

Going 125 on I-395

This is the Ferrari Enzo. Wow, what a ride. Its a V-12, 660 hp pure race car. When I plopped myself inside this car...meeting Micheal at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach, I noticed immediately that the interior was made of carbon fiber and soft calf leather. He took me for a spin in this vehicle, or shall I say a lap around the track. Micheal is also a seasoned race car driver and being in this machine was like being a movie star. People in South Beach were captivated; they stopped in their tracks, they gawked and took pictures with their cameras and cell phones; in fact, one guy waved us down...pulled out his disposible camera to grab a quick shot...and it made sense since there are only 399 in the world at a BASE price of $1.5 million. I must tell you it was such a RUSH to fly down I-395 at 125mph dodging in between high end vehicles struggling to stay in view of this MACHINE (killing any Porche, BMW, Mercedes and even a Ducati Motorcycle failed to keep pace). Wow the whiplash. Okay...just so you know, its not going to my head...I'm still looking for a very modest car to replace my mini in Tucson...but it may have some turbo.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Bravo, Bravo...GIRO! Okay...I've been adicted to listening to the Giro on Eurosport radio (pronounced rah-dee-o). If you are a pro cycling geek like me...dial into, press the link for LIVE coverage and you too can enjoy the action. Its a bit discouraging that our American sport channels are filled with crying sportmen that are highly overpaid for games of mediocrity. But cycling is both an individual and team sport. The tactics are like chess. The strategy involves machine, man, nature and a little bit of drama. So...OLN once provided LIVE coverage...but the Italians charged too much this we must listen to the helicopters, and play by play action. Funny, I almost prefer the audio commentary as my mind must engage the imagination. The picture I have here is Ivan Basso putting on the pressure on one of the steepest climbs during one of the first mountain stage races, where several guys cracked (namely Cunego). These guys will race for 20 days an average of 80 miles a day over MOUNTAINS and at 50k per hour on city streets. Amazing men.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Here I am walking along side the carin. This image was taken about 2 years ago when I had my first experience of the "Enchantments." This is an amazing place that feels sometimes like the moon, and other times like a fairytale with falling water, unicorns (wild goats) and the cleanest of air. Wow, the Enchantments; the quintessential name for what it is. I long for the enchantments; a place of raw beauty, a place of balance, a place where no one hides, they just be. It is again another contrast to my days in Miami. I'll need to get into this high country again this late summer.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Busy Bee

This is busy bee. Its been my car in Tucson for just under a year. Well, its now for sale. Why would one sell such a wonderful vehicle that gets nearly 40 miles to the gallon in a time when petro is equal to a bottle of good wine, why? I need a bit more space. Picking up people with luggage has become a bit problematic. Oh...but how I shall miss the ubiquidious smiles from looker bys when I come strolling up in the little mini called "busy bee." Maybe I'll keep it and get another car.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Broad Bench

This is an image from my personal art collection and a piece I purchased last week. The artist is Karen Jurick and she lives and paints from a town in Georgia. I so enjoy the emotion, feeling and experience she plants in her paint. She captures the rich colors and light in each of her images to convey a vignet of life, coming in all shapes in sizes . This particular image captured me because it is about companionship, friends; so comfortable to share the bench...taking in the proximity of others and what is present before them. They are taking time to reflect. Karen labled this image "broad bench" and it will be shared in my home for others to appreciate too.